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Justin Tieman

Hi, Iā€™m your friend Justin Tieman. A professional cleaning expert and the owner of this site, Cleanstuffeasy. I have created this site to share helpful guides, reviews, tips, and home cleaning and organizing tricks. I also hire a team of cleaning experts to provide comprehensive guides on different cleaning categories, everything from organizing your closets to decluttering your bathroom and tackling the toughest cleaning challenges.

how to clean copper

How To Clean Copper

Copper, with its warm and rich allure, has graced homes and artifacts for centuries. From cookware and jewelry to sculptures and decorative elements, copper’s beauty is undeniable. However, like all metals, copper is susceptible to tarnish and dullness over time.… Read More »How To Clean Copper

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How To Clean a Mousepad

Mousepads are an essential accessory for computer users, providing a smooth surface for precise mouse movements. However, with regular use, they can accumulate dirt, grime, and oils from our hands. While this can impact their performance and appearance, it becomes… Read More »How To Clean a Mousepad