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How To Clean Highlighter Tip

Highlighting is an easy and fast way to draw attention to important information in books and notes. Unfortunately, these markers have a tendency to dry out and become clogged, preventing them from writing correctly.

In such situations, a question may perplex your mind about how to clean highlighter tip.

Typically, you can clean a highlighter tip by rubbing it on a piece of paper, using soap and water solution. You can also clean it using a cleaning solution specifically designed for highlighters.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to clean highlighter tips, including what materials you’ll need and step-by-step instructions.

Benefits of Keeping Your Highlighter Tips Clean

Benefits of Keeping Your Highlighter Tips Clean

Highlighters can be a great tool to help make studying or writing more efficient and enjoyable. However, keeping your highlighters clean and in good condition is crucial to get the most out of them.

Here are the top benefits of keeping your highlighter tips clean:

  1. Better Performance: When your highlighter tips are clean, they can perform better. This means that you can make more precise and accurate highlights.
  2. Longer Lasting: A clean highlighter tip will last longer than one that has been neglected and has become dirty. Keeping your highlighter tips clean will help them last longer, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Easier to Use: A clean highlighter tip is easier to use than a dirty one. This means that you will be able to make more precise and accurate highlights and write more smoothly.
  4. Improved Appearance: A clean highlighter tip looks better than a dirty one. It reflects well on you and gives you a more professional appearance.
  5. More Sanitary: Keeping your highlighter tips clean is necessary for health and hygiene. Dirty highlighter tips can become havens for bacteria and germs, leading to illnesses.

How To Clean Highlighter Tip

Cleaning the tip of a highlighter is an easy process that will help you get the most out of your writing tool.

How to Clean Highlighter Tip?

But first, you’ll the necessary materials for the cleaning process.

Tools Needed

Before starting that cleaning procedure, you’ll have to arrange some tools to make the task easy. Here we’ve made a list with the required tools.

  • Highlighter
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Soft cloth

Here are the steps to follow to easily clean your highlighter tip:

Step 1: Clean the Highlighter Tip

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and lightly rub the tip of the highlighter to remove any ink or dirt buildup. Be sure to use gentle strokes not to damage the tip.

Step 2: Rinse the Tip

Dip a cotton swab in warm water and use it to rinse off the rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Dry the Tip

At this stage, you have to use a soft cloth to dry off any remaining moisture from the tip of the highlighter.

Step 4: Store the Highlighter

Finally, store the highlighter in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help keep it from drying out or becoming clogged.

How To Unclog Highlighter Tips

Highlighters are an important tool for many students and professionals. They draw attention to important information but can also become clogged with dried ink. Fortunately, there are several simple and effective methods for unclogging a highlighter.

How to Unclog Highlighter Tips?

Here are different steps you can use:

1. Using a Needle

The first step in unclogging a highlighter is to use a needle. Using a needle or safety pin, gently push into the tip of the highlighter to unclog it. However, be careful not to push the needle too far into the highlighter. This method effectively clears any dried ink that may be clogging the tip of the highlighter.

2. Using Rubbing Alcohol

Another effective method for unclogging a highlighter is to use rubbing alcohol. Simply apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab and gently rub the highlighter’s tip with it. This will help to loosen any dried ink blocking the tip of the highlighter.

3. Using Warm Water

You can also use warm water to unclog a highlighter. Simply fill a cup or bowl with warm water and then submerge the tip of the highlighter in it. Allow the highlighter to soak in the warm water for a few minutes and gently shake it back and forth to help loosen any dried ink blocking the tip.

4. Using a Hair Dryer

Finally, use a hair dryer to unclog your highlighter. In that case, you have to turn the hair dryer to its highest setting and point it directly at the tip of the highlighter. This will help to heat up the dried ink and make it easier to remove.

Be sure not to hold the hair dryer too close to the highlighter to avoid damaging it.

How Do You Fix a Dried-Out Highlighter?

Highlighters can be a great tool to make important points stand out in a document. However, it cannot be easy to use if a highlighter dries out. Here are some tips on how to fix a dried-out highlighter:

  1. Use Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol can rehydrate a dried-out highlighter. You have to just apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol directly to the highlighter tip and let it sit for a few minutes. The alcohol will help to soften the tip and restore it to its original condition.
  2. Dip in Water: If the rubbing alcohol doesn’t work, dip the dried-out highlighter in a water bowl for a few minutes. This can rehydrate the tip and soften it.
  3. Replace the Ink: Another option is to replace the ink in the highlighter. This can be done by removing the top of the highlighter and adding a few drops of water-based ink.
  4. Use a Heat Source: If all else fails, you can try using a heat source, such as a hair dryer, to soften the tip of the highlighter. This can make the tip softer, allowing you to use the highlighter again.

How To Extend the Life of Your Highlighter Tips

Highlighting is a popular way to quickly draw attention to any text. However, highlighters can run dry quickly, making them a costly investment. Here are some tips to extend the life of your highlighter:

  1. Store Highlighters Horizontally: This will keep the ink evenly distributed, reducing dry spots and eventual clogging.
  2. Avoid Pressing Too Hard: Applying too much pressure when highlighting can cause the ink to dry out faster.
  3. Shake the Highlighter Before Use: This will help mix the ink and keep it flowing smoothly.
  4. Clean the Tip Regularly: After every use, wipe off the tip of the highlighter with a damp cloth to prevent clogs from forming.
  5. Refill Instead of Replacing: Most highlighters can be refilled with special ink cartridges, which are more economical than buying a new highlighter.
  6. Limit Exposure to Heat: Prolonged exposure to sunlight or high temperatures can cause the ink to evaporate.


The discussion on how to clean highlighter tips has come to an end. We have discussed various methods you can use to clean a highlighter tip, such as using rubbing alcohol, cleaning it with a tissue, and using a damp cloth.

All these methods are effective and can be used to clean the highlighter tip in a short amount of time. With this knowledge, we can now successfully clean our highlighter tip and keep it in top condition.